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Protective Sun Films’ New Website

Dec 11, 2013 | Posted by : admin

Welcome to our new website! We’re still the same professional PSF Commercial, Residential and Automotive window tinting shop that’s been serving Hudson County, NJ for the past 25 years, in the same location in West New York, New Jersey. We recently re-designed our website to create a better user experience and to display our recent work in the spotlight. For the past 25 years, we at PSF Tinting have worked on Auto Tint, Residential Tint, and also Business/Commercial Tint! Our mission is providing the best product and meet our clients’ needs at a reasonable price!

Automotive Window Tinting in West New York, NJ. 

We believe that Automotive tint is important because of its sun blockage, which has more benefits to it than you might would think. Not only does it enhance the exterior appearance to your car, truck or SUV, but it also aids in the following;

    • Keeps the interior cooler during the Summer months, reducing the need for air conditioning and ultimately saving gas
    • You may also have extra safety in a car accident
    • Reduces sun glare for better vision
    • You’ll also preserve the life of your interior

You’ll be able to choose from 50%, 35%, 30%, 25%, 15%, 5% and more!

Residential Window Film Installation in North Jersey

We at PSF Tinting offer premium window film installation services for your home in NJ, NY or CT! Films for your home will provide the same benefits as commercial products. They can be used windows of course, showers, and glass walls. You have a few options as far as your choice of tint! We have reflective tint, blackout tint, decorative tint, and we also have security films to prevent your windows, shower, or walls from shattering. By tinting your home with PSF Tinting, you’re providing yourself with a few key benefits such as;

    • UV Protection as LLumar window film helps to preserve the colors of fabrics, carpets and hardwood floors, it will also block UVA rays that cause pre-mature aging which can eventually lead to skin cancer.
    • Residential window tinting can lower heating and cooling expenses as well, simply by reducing solar heat from the outside in the summer and stopping heat from escaping in the winter.
    • Security from storms and intruders. Heavy storms often shatter glass, but the risk can be greatly reduced with LLumar safety and security films! It also makes it more difficult for an intruder to smash your windows quickly.
    • Instead of buying energy saving windows and spending thousands to reduce your energy bill, you can just have PSF Tinting install energy saving window film by LLumar!

Commercial Window Film Installation in North Jersey & NYC

We at PSF Tinting offer many different choices for commercial window film installation services in NJ and NY to aid in UV protection, to reduce heat and glare, and also for security purposes! These film types include stained glass, reflective, decorative, blackout and graffiti prevention! Not only will commercial window film act for security purposes, reduce heat and glare, and aid in UV Protection, but it will also enhance your business’ privacy and design!

With 25 years of experience serving NJ and NY with automotive tint, residential tint, and commercial tint, there’s no doubt that PSF Tinting is the best tint shop to go to with your tint needs! They’re focused on providing the best product to fit their clients’ needs and do it for a reasonable price!

Enhance your property's security with glass window tinting from PROTECTIVE SUN FILMS based in West New York, NJ, offering commercial, residential & car glass tinting also in NYC

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